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O34S - UV Max Attempt (DEMO)
[ Скачать с сервера (53.5 Kb) ] 23.02.2013, 06:27
Почти UV-Max-Демка от думера vdgg.  97% убийств, найдены все секреты.


Pwad:       Object "34": Sonar
Pwad name:  o34s.wad
Author:     Lainos
Maps:       01
Skill:      4
Category:   Other (UV Max Attempt)
Exe:        PrBoom+
            -complevel 9
            -deh notransl.deh (non-translucent projectiles & power-ups)

Kills:   97%
Items:   52%
Secret: 100%
       /     \
Time:  |70:24|


Author:     vdgg


First of all, I recommend you to play this map instead of watching my demo.
But if you're stuck or something... maybe you just want to feel like playing
without a risk of being killed... nevermind.

Object "34" didn't impress me at first, I guess after having played so many
maps you'd have to be Fredrik or B.P.R.D to impress me. But I gave Lainos'
creation a second chance and I loved it! Especially the way he connected the
areas: how many times I thought I would reach a new location (by dropping onto
a pit or using a lift) only to find out I arrived at a room which I visited
before (which was not supposed to happen according to my sense of orientation).


Secrets (you can copy & paste it into Doom Wiki if you wish, but mind:
all the monsters mentioned are for >=skill 4 only!)

#1: On the right side of the UAC wall moving up and down (there is a mancubus,
an arch-vile and sergeants behind it) there is a plain grey wall. Open in
to reveal a computer map. Demo time: 0:54. (-skipsec 54)

#2: In a big, dark room with computer panels there is an odd metal wall in
the northwest corner. Press it, and the wall will lower, revealing a backpack.
Picking it up will trigger a small ambush. 4:28 (-skipsec 268)

#3: When in a MODWALL room (grey walls with black squares), step on a
platform with a cross on it. A nearby wall will lower. Now shoot a switch
through the hole to reveal a teleporter in another room (TEKGREN walls,
a mancubus and some minor monsters). Enter this teleporter. At your
destination there are two boxes of rockets, some minor stuff and a soulsphere
in a well. 5:32 (-skipsec 332)

#4: When you jump from a flower-like structure of platforms slowly moving
up and down (waterfall-textured) to the western area (marked with yellow
stripes), you can notice that a portion of a grey brick wall is covered
with slime. Open it to reveal a combat armor. 10:40 (-skipsec 640)

#5: In a small room with a switch requiring a yellow key to use it there
is a secret door leading to a cool-looking balcony (I had to write something
because there is nothing there to be picked up). 20:38 (-skipsec 1238)

#6: A well from which a pain elemental emerges can be jump into from above.
There is a combat armor inside. 26:40 (-skipsec 1600)

#7: In a big area with water canals there is a chaingun surrounded by moving
platforms and crushers. Using these platforms, jump to an area which is
inaccessible other way. From there, head to a small square platform. Step on
it, and a waterfall structure will emerge. Use it as a lift and jump to a
platform with a dead revenant on it (you killed it, right?). One of the walls
is fake, there is a passage behind it leading to a soulsphere. 27:20
(-skipsec 1640)

#8: Look for a switch near the ceiling where nine armor bonuses are. Pressing
this switch will reveal another switch. Pressing the second one will open
an alcove containing a soulsphere. 37:16 (-skipsec 2236)

#9: Somewhere in the map there is a portion of a wall which is lit. You
can press the wall, this will open another alcove containing a blur sphere.
51:06 (-skipsec 3066)

#10: When two symmetrical alcoves with pain elementals open, you can enter
both of them. The northern one has differently textured one of its sides.
This side can be opened and you can collect a soulsphere. 57:17
(-skipsec 3437)

#11: A normal switch on the opposite side of four switches opens a small
room containing a hell knight and a blur sphere. 64:12 (-skipsec 3852)

#12: If you enter the very, very big room from the southwest, drop onto a
ledge and press a switch hidden behind the corner. Pressing the switch 
will open an alcove containing a combat armor. 51:06 / 65:03
(-skipsec 3066 / 3903)

Megasphere, soulsphere, BFG - not marked as secrets. In the demo I only got
to the BFG, but the path to the remaining items is similar. Shoot a switch,
raise pillars, press another switch, raise another set of pillars, jump,
press another switch, raise another set of pillars. Press switches raising
two guess what. Stand on them, shoot switches. One will open a path to the
soulsphere, another one to the teleporter leading to the BFG room. For the
megasphere there are two distant switches to be pressed, it costs way too
much time to get it, so... If you need to watch the pillar sequences,
it takes some time, as I kill monsters on my way, but they begin about
40:20 in.

About the demo and "maxing".

It was never meant to be UV Max from the beginning. The reason is: I don't
know how many killable monsters exist on this map. Their number is definitely
lower than 885 (899-14 decorative fish) and higher than 871 (monsters I killed
in my demo, as I know of three normal monsters I missed, a spectre, an imp and
a cacodemon - there may be more). But as you can see, I do kill stuff and I
really try my best :) There is a very boring part including hunting for
spectres in the big, big room. THESE spectres, I think I killed them all.

What makes me refuse to repeat recording this amazing map is my time, that
is 70 minutes and 24 seconds. I know myself. I know every next pain elemental =
three minutes lost, and only I know how many times I can manage to fail the
jump sequences. Here I pulled off the red key sequence on my second try and the
BFG sequence on my second try as well. The boss brain replacement, haha I ran
out of rockets twice before, but this time I "exited" with over 50 rockets
left plus a few boxes still lying on the ground. This game will always
surprise me.

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